febcareersweekDuring the week of the 28th of September I will give three different masterclasses during the FEB Careersweek 2015 for students Economy & Business Administration on how students can create their own startup as part of their ‘plan b’. Here are some of the topics covered.



I finished my PhD at the University of Groningen on ‘Transformation of Financial Services Companies’ in 2001 and so I am really excited to be able to give three workshops during the Careersweek 2015 event at that University.  During the different workshops, the following topics will be covered amongst others:

  • Why you should create your own startup during your studies?
  • What critical succes factors are for startups?
  • How to define your own unique business model?
  • What different types of startups you can begin?
  • What different innovative online business models exist?
  • Trends in Fintech and where the opportunities can be found?
  • Tips & tricks.

And much more. It will be interactive sessions where I will provide you with easy to use checklists and spreadsheets in order to create your own startup without any capital upfront.

The different workshops for you as FEB student will be held on (see www.careersweek.nl):

  • Monday 28th of September 2015
  • Wednesday the 30st of September 2015

Decide what you want me to cover in these workshops!

If you have any questions or if you want me to cover certain topics of interest around the workshops to you personally, just send me an e-mail here (include the day and time please that you will be attending):

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See you in Groningen!

Tony de Bree